Go Ye Core Values

High Quality Meaningful Worship.

We will engage in worship that focuses and glorifies God, inclusively attentive to the spiritual, emotional, cultural and physical needs of the worshipers and welcomes all people into the embrace of Jesus Christ.

Gift Based, Lay Ministry.

We encourage one another to identify, develop and joyfully use in Christ’s service our natural and spiritual gifts, taking ministry as the task of every Christian in a priesthood of all believers.

Bible Centered.

We will be guided and informed by a biblically responsible; Christ based reading of the word.
Prayer Centered.

Our lives together as a church will be undergirded with prayer to connect us to God.

Christian Equality.  

Because we realize that all people are created in God’s image, we will welcome and embrace all God’s children into our congregation, love them, and care for and nurture them, with the understanding that Christ has called us to a new humanity.


Go Ye Outreach ministries sets for itself the intentional goal of becoming an ethnically and racially and culturally and generationally diverse congregation as it and its members pursue renewal in Christ. We want to be that church in our community that has captured the true meaning of Christian fellowship, and whose doors are open to people of all walks of life.


We will systematically train and empower believers to grow and thrive as Christians, as members of Go Ye Outreach Ministries and as Christian leaders.